Tattoo Machine Adjustment

When you are adjusting your machine to run properly, basically you want to make sure that you have your machine completely set up with a tube and a needle in there and you can use a little cup of water or if you want to use a little bit of ink that has a thicker consistency you can.

On your rebinding post here, you have a little contact adjustment and a little tightening screw that allows you to move this part back and forth through little contact screw.
Basically this contact screw adjustment comes away from the spring and goes to the spring so you are basically opening or closing this little gap here between here front spring and the contact point. And this, a lot of newer power supplies have basically a volt meter.

The better power supplies have this little read out here and it tells you exactly what your machine is doing so that you can tune up properly.  A lot of your adjustment, main adjustments will just happen with this but you can also by bending your springs a little bit you can adjust the pressure that is coming back towards your contact point and there is gauges for that kind of thing too but a lot of people just of do it by feel so basically by adjusting this screw what I am telling you for is between a hundred a ten and a hundred and twenty cycles per minute and then the duty cycle you want to it to be 50 percent which means that your springs are basically moving in an even distance and pressure in both directions.

I have got an 8.5 volts which is less than a little 9 volt battery so there is not a lot of power coming in to it. That makes it less damage to the skin but it feels better to the person. The more powerful you are running into your machine the harder the machine is hitting them and typically the more pain they are feeling. And a little follow through there at zero means that the little contact point is basically the machine is operating at optimum efficiency.

So, this little contact adjustment is going to be your initial adjustment but the other consideration is the little rubber band that hold the needle bar in place if you have too many that are too tight it can create too much friction in the bottom of the front of the tube. Also making sure that your machine is put together properly and that the needle bar is actually travelling to the center of the tube sometimes if it is rubbing on the top or the bottom of the tube that create the friction that will make your machine not run properly so sometimes you might need to put on more rubber bands to get the needle to travel through the center of it.

If it is barely off or you can just sometimes you know take off this little or losen this little screw and typically this spring either has a * kind of a bigger holes that you can screw the spring around one way or the other and that will make it so that your needle bar is travelling through the center of the tube.
Also making sure that your needle bar is sitting in their properly, the needle should be sitting on the bottom of the tube, so riding along the bottom, so the bar when it is started on the bar is sitting on top of the needles.

Another adjustment, to make to is by the power depending upon the area and the result you might to need to turn your power up or down.
Some areas that are a little bit fragile on an arm typically is you get up towards somebody’s arm hit the skin is a little bit more flexible and bounce here and so if sometimes if you try to crank your power up to get it in there rather than achieving a proper stretch and turning your machine down actually can help create a better result.