Tattoo Sterilization Machines

Tattoo Sterilization Machine

A tattoo sterilization machine is essential to a well-functioning tattoo parlor. A slip up in sterilization can lead to accidentally transmitting a disease as terrible as HIV or Hepatitis—and ruin your reputation as an artist in a flash. Fortunately, there are a variety of machines available to help you systematize your sterilization process and keep your shop disease free.

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General Tattoo Sterilization Machine Tips

Make sure that your area is cleaned well and is not carpeted.
Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning.
Wash, shave and sterilize the customer’s skin where the tattoo is being inked.
Wear disposable gloves, and make sure that you change them whenever you touch something other than the customer or your machine.
After each tattoo you ink, wash your machine and its components as thoroughly as possible using water, and then use your tattoo sterilization machine.

The Tattoo Sterilization Machine Autoclave

Autoclaves are a compact tattoo sterilizer machine that use a combination of high heat, steam and pressure to sterilize equipment. They are used widely at hospitals, veterinarians, and in microbiology. They are also the most widely used tattoo sterilization machine in tattoo shops, as they destroy most forms of germs, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. There are two types of autoclave: front-loading and external heat source autoclaves.

As the second one’s name suggests, it is more difficult to handle than the front-loading autoclave and is almost never used in modern facilities. There are also a variety of sizes available; regardless of the size of your shop, you’ll probably want one that can handle at least 2 tattoo machines at the same time.

Using an Tattoo Sterilization Machine Autoclave

To use the autoclave, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer; however, there are some general steps common to most autoclaves:

1. Inspect the autoclave before using to make sure that it is clean of any equipment or liquids.
2. Place your washed tools to be sterilized into an autoclave bag, and place the bag into the tray.
3. Close the door, being sure to secure the latch, and select the appropriate cycle type and sterilization time.
4. Seal the chamber door.
5. Turn the machine on.
6. Wait a few moments to make sure that the appropriate temperature (120 degrees Celsius) is reached. If any steam escapes the autoclave, turn the machine off right away.
7. Allow the machine to run its course, and do not open the door until the temperature reaches below 100 degrees.
8. When opening the door, use gloves, and open the door slowly.
9. Check the autoclave bags, which are usually imprinted with a dye that changes color when the correct temperature is reached; after the cycle is done, check to make sure that the bags have changed color. If they haven’t, your autoclave may need maintenance.

Ultraviolet Tattoo Sterilization Machine

Tattoo Sterilization MachineWhile UV machines can help keep your equipment sterilized—and can be an important first step in your process—you still will need to run your equipment through an autoclave as well; the UV machines just don’t kill a wide enough range of germs to ensure proper sterilization.

A tattoo sterilization machine can vary greatly in price so shop around and also check out our video on tattoo aftercare.

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