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Mob irons tattoo machine

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History of Tattoo Supplies

Tattoo supplies have long been used since the time of ancient civilizations, and are recognized as an intricate art. The use of tattoo supplies and how they have evolved have gone through various changes, and today many people still use tattoos as an art form, and a form of self-expression. Although in essence, the primary methods used since early civilizations and modern tattoo techniques remain the same, the art of tattooing has gone through many interesting evolutions.

The history of tattoo supplies goes back to the 1800’s. The earliest type of tattoo machine used was discovered by the Danish inventor Oersted in 1819. He created the design foundation for other tattoo machines. In 1876, an electric pen was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. It was invented to be used for duplicating painting and embroidery patterns, and was characterized by a rotary electromagnetic battery-powered machine. It was able to hold a stencil pen which could punch holes in paper to be painted, forming a pattern. Colored dust was then placed on top of the holes to create a picture or embroidery.

Thomas Edison was not satisfied with his invention, and in 1877 developed a new idea for a device which involved two electromagnetic coils which were set to a tube assembly. Over these coils were flexible reeds which vibrated and reciprocated the motion which was required to make the stencil. This was the most revolutionary point in the evolution of tattoo supplies which modern tattoo artists still make use of today.First patented  tattoo machine

A man named Samuel O’Reilly also saw the importance of this type of machine, and he introduced some slight changes into Edison’s machine in order to create the first US patented tattoo machine. Some of his minor modifications included the addition of an ink reservoir and a tube assembly. In 1904, a man from New York City named Charlie Wagner also received a patent for a tattoo machine. Both Wagner and O’Reilly’s device presented alterations from Edison’s invention and made them more suitable for tattoo application. New adjustments were eventually introduced, such as an on and off switch, pin vice type needle bar, ink chamber, and a stroke adjustment.

The First Tattoo Supply Company

In 1929, Percy Walters of Detroit patented a new design which most closely resembles the modern day tattoo machine. It involved the use of two electromagnetic coils which were set in line with the frame. By this time, more new additions in design were used such as a fingertip on and off switch, needle for plastic stencils, and a spark shield. Percy Walters had a successful tattoo supplies business for various tattoo machines that came in different styles. In the history of tattoo supplies, he was the only one who turned his patented tattoo machine and successfully marketed it to the public.  This was essentially the first real tattoo supplies business!

The next patented tattoo machine occurred fifty years later, when Carol Nightingale from Washington DC designed a very elaborate device which added new alterations to the tattoo machine. By this time, the machine featured coils with full adjust-ability, leaf springs that came in varying lengths, angled arm bar, and a back spring mount which made the application of tattoos much more efficient. Most tattoo artists throughout the world still work with variations of these designs, but some have been able to modify it to suit their personal application techniques. I hope you enjoyed this brief history of tattoo supplies!

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